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LatAm Hedge Funds Raise 20 Times More than Europe’s

Vice-President on the Buy-Side Business Development team in the Eurex Exchange Chicago office Thomas Belkin, announced that while the $62 billion LatAm hedge fund industry might be small compared to the $1.91 trillion managed by hedge funds globally, its relative growth is much larger than that of European hedge funds.
Latin America’s hedge fund industry might comprise only a fraction of the total hedge fund assets globally, but it grew larger compared to European hedge funds since 2000.
Speaking at the recent Opalesque Florida Roundtable, Belkin said that in 2000, Latin American hedge funds manage $2.6bn but the figure grew to $62bn in 2013 or at least 20 times.
"The relative growth from Latin American hedge funds from $2.6bn in 2000 to over $62bn in 2013 has been clearly stronger than the growth by European Hedge Funds which only increased assets tenfold over the same period. Partially contributing to this boost in Latin American hedge fund AUM is the strong GDP growth and an increasing number of high-net-worth individuals in Brazil", he said.
Also contributed to the rapid growth in the LatAm hedge funds space is the shift amongst Brazilian investors towards US dollar denominated offshore investment opportunities and away from the Brazilian real.
Source: Opalesque

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