Hedge Funds Best Performance Since 2010

Eurekahedge Reveals Hedge Fund's Best Performance since 2010

According to the latest Eurekahedge data released, hedge funds reveled their best performance-based raking in $100 billion gaining since 2010.
Long/short equities strategies accounted for almost half of that gain.
Total industry assets increased almost 13% in 2013, surpassing US$2.0 trillion.
Hedge funds pulled in US$130 billion in net asset allocations in 2013 and long/short equities managers again led the way, attracting US$82.2 billion of those net inflows.
European hedge fund managers may not have set a performance record in 2013—they were up 8.77%—but they attracted record high net asset inflows of US$60.2 billion for the year.
North American long/short equities hedge funds were up 18.48% in 2013 and according to Eurekahedge, 20% of them managed to beat the S&P500 Index by an average of 20.52% during the year.
Source: FINalternatives

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