Hedge Fund Reaching 5-Year High

eVestment Says Hedge Fund Assets Reach 5-Year High

According to a global provider of institutional investment data intelligence and analytic solutions eVestment, hedge fund assets under management have reached a 5-year high in 2013.
The institutional investment research firm found that hedge funds are on track for assets to rise $256 billion in 2013, an 80 percent increase over the rise seen in 2012.
Investor flows into hedge funds were positive for a fifth consecutive month in November, and new allocations of $15.3 billion brought the five-month total of inflows to $68.5 billion.
Industry assets hit a five-year high in November of $2.84 trillion, and are now just 3 percent below figures last seen before the 2008 financial crisis.
Total industry assets are on pace to increase by an estimated $256 billion for 2013, an amount nearly 80 percent greater than 2012’s $144 billion increase.
Equity strategies took in the majority of new assets in November as investor preferences for alternative exposure to current equity markets has become clear. Allocations to long/short equity funds in November were the largest in more than 50 months, since August 2009.

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