Hedge Fund Capital Raising Training Workshop

Full Day Capital Raising Workshop on Thursday December 5th, 2013 (Harvard Club of NYC):

cambridge-roomBe sure to attend our upcoming full-day Capital Raising Workshop on December 5th in New York City.  This full-day workshop is a boot camp focused entirely on raising capital from family offices, HNW, and institutional investors.  In this workshop you will learn how to better market your fund, how to improve your communication with potential and current investors, and how to raise more capital more effectively.
We will show you how to attract qualified investors to your offering systematically, and have them reaching out to you consistently.  This workshop will provide you with practical training on capital raising, help you remove roadblocks you are facing and give you the edge over your competitors.  Download our brochure for more information on this event.

Benefits of Attending This Workshop Limited to 100 Professionals:

  1. Hear directly only from those who have raised at least $200M or more in their career, to get practical real-world insights on how it is done.
  2. Get an insider’s perspective on how to raise $10M, $100M, or more for your  investment fund, real estate project, or private corporation.
  3. Avoid common capital raising pitfalls and learn about the educational marketing strategies that can be used once you have targeted a certain type of investor.
  4. Learn how to construct your investor relations and capital raising processes, so that your capital raising plan is executed systematically every day.
  5. Discover the four $100,000 mistakes that are almost always made while raising capital in this marketplace and how you can avoid those mistakes in your capital raising efforts.

Attend Our New York 2013 Conference Series

Capital Raising WorkshopRisk Free Offer: If you attend any of our full-day conferences and find that you don’t get at least $2,000 of value, we  will give you 100% of your money back on admissions paid.  We offer this because we know that our full-day conferences deliver tremendous value and we are always striving to make the experience more rewarding and worthwhile for attendees.
To reserve your seat to this event or other upcoming events please see our Events Registration page.

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