Hedge Fund Industry Assets

Hedge Fund Industry Assets

Hedge Funds Now Control $2.2 Trillion in Assets

Hedge funds now manage more than $2 trillion in assets for its investors after the industry tacked on $80 billion inflows from July to September.  The current estimate from Hedge Fund Research rests at $2.2 billion, a stunning figure that more than doubles the estimated industry AUM in 2005.
Strong returns during the third quarter have boosted the hedge-fund industry to its largest size ever, offsetting a more muted appetite among investors for these types of funds, research data shows.  
 Global hedge funds now oversee $2.2 trillion in assets, up from $2 trillion at the end of the 2011 and more than double what they invested for their wealthy clients in 2005, new data released by Hedge Fund Research on Thursday show.  
 Assets grew by $80 billion during July, August and September with some $70 billion coming from better performance and only $10.6 billion coming from net new investments from clients.  
 So far, pension funds, endowments and wealthy individuals invested only $31 billion net new capital into hedge funds this year, compared with $70.6 billion in 2011, when funds mostly lost money, and $194.5 billion in 2007 just before the financial crisis.  Source

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