Mitt Romney Tiger Management

Mitt Romney Tiger Management

Mitt Romney, CEO of Tiger Management

Instead of looking at a sea of supporters form the convention stage in Tampa tonight, Mitt Romney could have been looking out the window of his New York office as Chief Executive Officer of Tiger Management.  The hedge fund's founder, Julian Robertson reportedly offered Mr. Romney the position after the latter failed in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2008 election.

The presumptive Republican nominee seems to have made a good choice--albeit a less lucrative one--in rebuffing Mr. Robertson's offer of a $30 million salary and a cut of the firm's profits given his success in politics.
BOSTON — Not long after Mitt Romney dropped out of the presidential race in early 2008, a titan of New York finance, Julian H. Robertson, flew to Utah to deliver an eye-popping offer.
He asked Mr. Romney to become chief executive of his hedge fund, Tiger Management, for an annual salary of about $30 million, plus investment profits, according to two people told of the discussions. 
For Mr. Romney, who had spent the previous decade in public life forgoing any paychecks, the position promised to catapult him back to the pinnacle of American business and into the ranks of the stratospherically rich. Several friends and relatives urged him to accept. “Let’s put it this way,” said Mr. Robertson. “He could have made a lot of money.” 
But Mr. Romney was uninterested. His mind — and his heart — were elsewhere, still trained in the raw days after his political defeat not on Wall Street but on the White House and an urgent quest: to be understood by an electorate that had eluded him.  Source

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