Hedge Fund Assets June 2012

Hedge Fund Assets June 2012

GlopeOp: Early June 2012 Data has Inflows of 1.6%

Following the unfortunate news yesterday of $5 billion in outflows from hedge funds during the month of April, GlobeOp is showing a gain so far in this month.  CEO of GlobeOp Financial Services described the data as showing, "Solid net flows into hedge funds continue in June."
Inflows advanced by 2.52% and outflows by 0.92%, the firm’s latest monthly report showed.
“Solid net flows into hedge funds continue in June,” said Hans Hufschmid, chief executive officer, GlobeOp Financial Services, which oversees approximately 10% of the hedge fund industry assets, with almost $190bn in assets under administration. 
The results provide some positive data for capital flows following reports earlier in the week from BarclayHedge and TrimTabs Investment that suggested the hedge fund industry had seen redemptions of over $5bn in April, and the more than $12.7bn in total outflows between May 2011 and April 2012. 
Cumulatively, GlobeOp’s Capital Movement Index for June stands at 147.64 points cumulatively, an increase of 1.6 points over May. It has advanced 13.58 points over the past 12 months. 
This monthly net is divided by the total AuA for GlobeOp’s fund administration clients.  Source:HFM

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