Hedge Funds Euro Bear Bets

Hedge Funds Euro Bear Bets

Hedge Funds Reviving Euro Bear Bets

Hedge funds are reviving bearish bets on the euro even as most investors have remained optimistic about the prospects of the currency.  Hedge funds had until recently reduced bets that the euro would fall in value but now many funds are looking to profit from a decline according to the CFTC.
The euro has weathered the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, bailouts of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, and falling interest rates. Now, investors are betting like never before that a Greek exit would be too much to keep the 17-nation currency above its long-term average. 
Hedge funds and other large speculators, which pared trades that would profit from a drop in the euro to the lowest levels since November, rebuilt them to a record high last week, figures released May 18 by the Washington-based Commodity Futures Trading Commission showed. The premium for options that grant the right to sell the euro has more than doubled since March. 
Through most of the financial and political turmoil in Europe, the euro held above the average since its January 1999 start as investors put their faith in German Chancellor Angela Merkel to keep the monetary union in place. While they currently forecast little change in the euro versus the dollar, a majority of the world’s biggest foreign-exchange trading firms surveyed by Bloomberg News say the loss of even a weak member such as Greece would risk more departures and send the currency lower. Source

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