Hedge Funds Buying and Selling

Hedge Funds Buying and Selling

A Look at What Hedge Funds Are Buying and Selling

It's always interesting to see how hedge funds are trading and what their views on the markets are.  Forbes has compiled a good look at whether the top hedge fund managers are buying and selling as an indication of their take on the last quarter and the market more generally.
We have updated the first quarter portfolios of all gurus. By looking at their trades we can get an idea of what they think about the market. The table below illustrates the summary of the trades of hedge fund gurus in the first quarter. “Buy Impact” is defined as the impact of the trades for the stocks they have either added or bought into. “Sell Impact” is the impact for the stocks that they have sold out or reduced. “New Buy” is the difference between “Buy Impact” and “Sell Impact.” Apparently those with higher “Net Buy” were more bullish. Those with higher negative “Net buy” were bearish. 

GuruFirmPortfolio Size ($M)Buy Impact (%)Sell Impact (%)Net Buy (%)
David TepperAppaloosa Management LP405280.13-16.8963.24
Kyle BassHayman Advisors14367.42-5.1862.24
Daniel LoebThird Point, LLC406163.116-39.43223.684
Joel GreenblattGotham Capital115037.6149-22.156715.4582
Julian RobertsonTiger Management35332.9-18.2514.65
T Boone PickensBP Capital17431.08-18.2212.86
Louis Moore BaconMoore Capital Management, LP632741.8679-34.38137.4866

See the full list here.

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