Asia Hedge Funds Assets 2012

Asia Hedge Funds Assets 2012

Asia Hedge Funds Make Up for Assets Lost Last Year

Hedge funds in Asia are back on top after suffering heavy losses in the region last year.  According to the Chicago based Hedge Fund Research group, Asia hedge funds have more than recovered the assets lost during that time.  While Asia makes up a large percentage of the global number of hedge funds, the region's share of assets is less than the fund total suggests because most assets under management still are managed by funds in other areas of the world.
Asia focused hedge funds have more than recovered all the assets lost after last year’s dire performance although the industry has still underperformed local stock markets in the first quarter of 2012, according to industry data. 
China dominates the regional industry and 30 percent of global hedge funds by number are now located in the country including Hong Kong, second only to the U.S., according to the Chicago based Hedge Fund Research group. However, most Asian funds are significantly smaller than those in the U.S. and other established jurisdictions, so their assets make up just 4 percent of the global industry’s $2.13 trillion total. 
The growth and increasing diversity of capital markets in the region is encouraging investor interest, while the inefficiencies and relative lack of sophistication in many markets means there are greater pricing anomalies for sharp-eyed hedge funds to try to exploit. “China will continue to emerge as the capital of the Asian hedge funds industry,” said Kenneth Heinz, president of HFR. Source

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