Qualitative Hedge Fund Analysis

Qualitative Hedge Fund Analysis

Survey Looks at the Qualitative Side of Fund Managers

I recently came across an interesting survey that dug into some less common qualities of hedge fund managers, aside from performance and quantitative analysis.  The survey of fund managers found that they tend to be family-oriented people who typically live a healthy, well-rounded, philanthropic lifestyle.
The Character and Lifestyle Assessment Investment Survey, conducted by Tradex Global Advisors and The Wealth and Family Management Group, asked money managers to answer questions ranging from their managerial style, ethics, leadership and family life to what extreme sports they participate in, health and wellness, and how they handle stress.

The results “paint a picture of the qualitative side of managers,” said James Rosebush, founder and CEO of The Wealth and Family Management Group, Washington, in a telephone interview. Such information provides “an opportunity also for managers to differentiate themselves with potential investors.”

Mr. Rosebush said investors are looking for more information and data about hedge funds and alternative investment products and that little research is available evaluating the subjective performance of investment managers. Clients are “acutely concerned not only about the numbers ... but also the quality of managers in terms of lifestyle and commitment to customers,” Mr. Rosebush said.

Mr. Rosebush said there were no big surprises in the results outside of the finding that many of the managers surveyed have young children. Source

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