Hedge Funds JOBS Act

Hedge Funds JOBS Act

JOBS Act Clears Way for Hedge Fund Marketing

Hedge funds have long had strict restraints on how and to whom they can market their fund offerings.  The recently signed JOBS Act will revise rules on hedge fund and private equity marketing allowing them to market to the general public.  Still, the rules on who is allowed to invest in a hedge fund will remain--only accredited investors that fit certain requirements.
Thanks to a little-noticed provision tucked into the just-signed jobs bill, hedge funds may soon be making a bold move into marketing—and the mainstream. 
The JOBS Act, signed by President Obama on April 5, lifted a decades-old restriction on how hedge funds can go after new investors, clearing the way for managers to speak more publicly about their strategies and performance and even to advertise. 
As private investment vehicles, hedge funds aren't required to meet the same disclosure requirements and risk restrictions as ordinary mutual funds. In return, they may deal only with experienced, high-net-worth investors, and have long been banned from marketing themselves to the general public. 
Lifting those marketing restrictions is potentially a major move, but not everyone thinks it is a great development for average investors. Source

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