Hedge Fund Investors 2012

Hedge Fund Investors 2012

Investors Returning to Hedge Funds in 2012

As investors regained confidence from the rebound in the hedge funds and the broader stock market during the first quarter of 2012.  Although there is still high volatility in the markets, investors are once again pouring money into hedge funds as the average hedge fund was up almost 5% for the year.  According to GlobeOp, investors put more money into hedge funds last month with inflows of 2.02% in March.
Net inflows into hedge funds, as measured by the GlobeOp (GO.L) Capital Movement Index, which tracks monthly net subscriptions to and redemptions from hedge funds managing around $187 billion (117 billion pounds), were 0.35 percent of that total during the month to April 1. 
This was well below the previous month's 2.02 percent inflow, but the rate may have been distorted by portfolio adjustments for the end of the quarter.
Inflows were still better than the 0.02 percent net withdrawal seen a year ago and flows at the end of the second, third or fourth quarters last year. 
Hedge funds lost 5.2 percent last year, according to Hedge Fund Research, as they struggled to cope with volatile markets amidst the deepening euro zone crisis. 
However, in the first three months of the year the average hedge fund is up 4.9 percent, with some big-name managers recording double-digit gains. Source

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