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Brevan Howard Multi-Strategy Master Fund

Brevan Howard Multi-Strategy Master Fund

Investors Dive into Brevan Howard Multi-Strategy Master Fund

Investors have been clamoring to get greater access to Brevan Howard's Master Fund, the flagship product that has achieved success both in terms of performance and assets under management.  Now, Brevan Howard has developed a fund to tap into that excess demand for the Master Fund with the Brevan Howard Multi-Strategy Master Fund.  This fund gives investors exposure to the popular Master Fund as well as some other, smaller strategies.
 The Brevan Howard Multi-Strategy Master Fund - which invests in the group's $27 billion flagship Master fund and other, smaller strategies - has grown to more than $2.3 billion from around $1.1 billion last September, data seen by Reuters shows. 
This growth spotlights the popularity currently enjoyed by a small band of hedge funds such as Brevan, which are attracting the bulk of new cash but also having to juggle a commitment to existing investors to limit the size of their flagship portfolios while not turning away new clients. 
For many investors the Multi-Strategy fund is the only way to gain access to Brevan's Master fund, which has made money every year since its launch in 2003, because it is now shut to new cash, one investor said. 
However, the group has suggested investors put money into its Multi-Strategy fund, the investor and another client said. This gives clients partial exposure to the Master fund as well as a range of the group's other, much smaller portfolios. 
"It's a way to give money to other funds they're building. They're saying to institutions that it's the only way to get exposure," said the investor, who did not want to be named. Source

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