Hedge Fund Managers 2011

Hedge Fund Managers 2011

Hedge Fund Managers Earned $13.2 Billion Last Year 

Continuing with coverage of hedge fund performance and compensation in 2011, the top 40 hedge fund managers took home a combined $13.2 billion last year.  In what was one of the industry's worst years in history, many of the top managers still managed to make anywhere from $200 million on the high end to $40 million on the low end.
Topping the charts was Raymond Dalio, who produced $13.8 billion for clients in 2011 while making returns in the 20 percent range. Dalio oversees the world's biggest hedge fund firm, Bridgewater Associates, with $120 billion in assets. His earnings amounted to $3 billion.
But what may be most interesting is that some of the most famous managers were beaten at their own game. Noticeably absent from the Forbes list of the 40 highest-paid managers were John Paulson and Philip Falcone, who both made billions betting against the subprime mortgage market.
James Simons of Renaissance Technologies was ranked behind Dalio with $2.1 billion in earnings for the year. Simons, characterized by Forbes as a 73-year-old "mathematical genius" who founded Renaissance, reaped the rewards of investing his own funds in the firm. In 2011, the firm's funds earned net returns as high as 33 percent. Source

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