Hedge Funds Malta

Hedge Funds Malta

Malta Successfully Luring Hedge Funds to Its Attractive Shores

It's hard to make the case for spending all your time working in, say, Connecticut, when you could be working from Malta.  At least for a collection of hedge funds, it has been too tempting to resist moving their offices to Malta, a Southern European country known mostly for its spectacular beaches and warm weather, but perhaps even more importantly to hedge fund managers, it is a European Union member at a time when the EU has taken up new initiatives to monitor and regulate hedge funds.

To give you an idea of the hedge fund migration to the country: Malta's prime minister
recently fretted that there weren't enough local accountants and financial analysts to keep up with the rising need. 
Erik Nelson was working in Stamford, Connecticut, as a research analyst at FMG USA LLC, the U.S. arm of FMG, a fund of funds specializing in emerging and frontier markets, when his bosses called him into a meeting in September 2009.

They had recently moved FMG’s corporate headquarters to Malta from Bermuda and now they wanted Nelson, 27 at the time, to head up the new office. “I’ll have to think about it,” Nelson replied. Then he went home and tried to find Malta on a map.

Three months later, the young American touched down on the rocky, sun-drenched island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, joining a wave of hedge-fund executives washing up on Malta’s shores, lured by low taxes, cheap labor and a coveted address inside the European Union, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its February issue. Read more.

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