Data Explorers Hedge Fund App

Data Explorers Hedge Fund App

iPhone App Lets Managers Stay on Top of Shorting Activity

A new app for the iPhone allows hedge fund managers and other traders to view shorting activity and stock movements.  This is part of a larger trend among hedge fund managers and employees who want access to securities lending data on multiple platforms.  Hedge fund managers have a busy schedule and this app relies on information from lenders, brokers and hedge funds to keep managers updated even when they're out of the office.
An iPhone app to enable hedge funds to view shorting activity and stock movements on the go has been developed by securities lending data provider Data Explorers. 
The app provides access to daily information on 3 million transactions compiled from information Data Explorers receives from agent lenders, prime brokers and hedge funds engaged in securities financing. 
A lot of people are interested in what the short position is for a particular stock, be it prior to the morning call, at lunchtimes or as they are out talking to customers, according to Jonathan Morris, chief operating officer at Data Explorers. The app is able to identify key movements in stock lending, he adds. Additional analysis and other information is also available using the app. 
According to Morris the response to the launch of the shorting app has been strong, with more than 100 of its hedge fund, prime brokerage and agent lender clients based in Europe, the US and Asia already using it.  Source

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