Hedge Funds China Growth

Hedge Funds China Growth

Hedge Funds Growing Wary of China's Economic Growth

China has been the subject of largely positive economic coverage for the past years, as the country's dazzling growth grabbed hold of many investors hoping to profit off the boom.  However, hedge fund investors are taking a second look at the country, wondering if it might be too good to be true as several economic indicators have suggested that China's impressive growth may be coming to a halt--or at least, slowing significantly.
The past few weeks have seen China loom large in the nightmares of many hedge fund managers still smarting from a less-than glory-filled 2011. Concerns are rising for the global outlook over the increasingly negative economic signals emanating from the country. 
As the Emerging Sovereign Group, a $1bn hedge fund backed by Julian Robertson and half owned by Carlyle, one of the world’s biggest private equity groups, told its clients in a recent note: “[we have a] gathering sense that the next act of this rolling global debt crisis may well play out in the East.” 
Take the most obvious barometer. The Shanghai Composite has been locked into a steady downward trajectory since April that has seen it shed over 27 per cent of its value since then. 
ESG sent a team for a two week “deep-dive research trip” to China in October, an investor told the Financial Times. Source

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