Hedge Fund Marketer Compensation

Hedge Fund Marketer Compensation

Hedge Fund Marketers Compensation Rises 20%

While many hedge fund employees have seen a squeeze on their compensation, hedge fund marketers are expected to see their compensation climb by 20% on average for 2011.  The “2011 Marketer Compensation Report" showed that the average hedge fund marketer took home $580,000 in 2010, meaning they are expected to make around $700,000 this year.
The survey, “2011 Marketer Compensation Report,” was conducted by human capital advisory firm Alpha Search Advisory Partners, which polled over 166 executive-level marketers across a variety of hedge funds, according to a statement from the firm.

Findings from the report show that hedge fund marketers earned an average of $580,000 in 2010, which means that the average salary for them in 2011 would increase to nearly $700,000.

According to the report, compensation levels are highly correlated with the firms’ asset flows and amounts under management. For example, marketers at firms with over $650 million in assets earned an average of 36% more than those working at smaller firms.

Findings also show that hedge funds are relying more on their marketers to not just attract capital, but to also help keep it. Source

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