David Einhorn Green Mountain Coffee

David Einhorn Green Mountain Coffee

Inside Look at David Einhorn Current "Big Short"

David Einhorn has been very vocal with his criticism of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  Mr. Einhorn's hedge fund, Greenlight Capital, has established itself as a top hedge fund and so when Einhorn declared that his fund was shorting the company its share price took a steep dive and eventually led to an audit committee review.  Einhorn has since denounced the findings of the review as a "whitewash," and recently spoke to Reuters.
In an exclusive interview with Reuters, Einhorn said he still doubts sales figures and spending plans at the company, which saw its stock soar to $110 in August on the rapid growth of its individual coffee servings or K-cups. When Einhorn revealed in October that he had been building a short position in shares of the company for weeks, the stock tanked and it effectively turned things around for his $8 billion (5 billion pounds) Greenlight Capital fund this year.

"I think everything we said in the presentation is right now as it was then -- and in many cases even more so," said the 43-year-old manager, who runs one of $2 trillion hedge fund industry's better-known long/short funds and also is an accomplished poker player.

In the interview with Reuters, Einhorn blasted the company's audit committee for conducting a "whitewash" review of the concerns he raised in an October 17 presentation entitled, "GAAP-uccino." That presentation hit Green Mountain like a tidal wave, and has sliced the stock's value in half to around $46 as of Tuesday trading. Source

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