Capital Raising Family Offices

Capital Raising Family Offices

How to Raise Capital From & Work With Family Offices

While my upcoming book on family offices is being written primarily for family office executives and clients of family offices we do realize that some of you may buy the book to help you more effectively raise capital from or provide services to family offices. I have several suggestions and a resource that should help you while further respecting the time and needs of family offices.

Best Practices: My experience includes raising capital from $800M funds, $8M funds, $80B investment firms, and training over 3,000 fund managers face-to-face.  This experience has shown that the following are effective practices in reaching out to family offices:
  • Do your homework first. Learn about the family office industry well enough to know how you fit into their world. Know who you are meeting with, what makes their family office unique, and how you can add value to their business. As part of your homework you can download our free report on family offices.
  • Listen. Ask questions and get to know them before pitching them about how you can help them. Nobody likes to get pitched.
  • Respect their time. Like you family offices professionals are very busy, and it is likely they are pitched by more service providers, fund managers, and consultants in a week than you may see in a quarter due to their status as a family office.
  • If you can become a thought leader in your specific niche whether it be patent litigation, institutional consulting, or something else you will eventually have opportunities and family offices coming to you.
Working With Family Offices: Family offices are relatively secretive and hard to track down at times, searching for them via Google can turn into a full time job. The resource we have created to help you connect with family offices is called the Family Offices Directory of single and multi-family offices. It is based in Excel format and includes the contact details of over 1,000 family offices. This spreadsheet of family office contact details is updated at least twice a year with fresh data and it is guaranteed to be accurate. Many institutional investment consultants, top ten investment banks, conference companies, and investment fund managers use it to help them reach out to family offices more consistently and quickly.

To learn more about this Family Offices Directory solution please visit

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