Banks Hedge Fund Recruiting

Banks Hedge Fund Recruiting

Wall St. Banks Recruit Top Talent...for Hedge Funds

This was sort of an obvious implication from yesterday's story on bank bonuses slipping while hedge funds raise compensation: With all the instability in the banking sector it is getting harder for the big investment banks to lure top talent without the promise of higher bonuses than their hedge fund rivals.

However, this trend has apparently grown past just banks losing out to hedge funds in recruiting, instead banks are actively recruiting for hedge funds in order to serve their clients and make profits.  For more on this, check out this story.
Wall Street banks often boast that they hire the best and the brightest. Now, scrambling to bolster profits, they have become full-time headhunters for some of their biggest hedge fund clients, a role that is rife with potential conflicts.
Big banks have long provided extra benefits to hedge funds, including finding office space for firms and raising money for new portfolios. They have even acted like informal recruiters for their premier clients by passing along résumés or making introductions to industry professionals.

But those once-ancillary placement services have become established practices as Wall Street struggles to make up for profit centers that have been lost to new regulations and a weak economy. Since the financial crisis, Goldman Sachs (GS), Morgan Stanley (MS), Deutsche Bank (DB), Bank of America (BAC) and others have become powerful recruiting forces for hedge funds. In an effort to secure lucrative brokerage and trading business, the banks scout finance executives, accountants and receptionists free. Goldman calls the practice “talent introduction.”

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