Alan Grayson Hedge Fund

Alan Grayson Hedge Fund

Fmr. Congressman Alan Grayson to Launch Hedge Fund

A former Florida congressman is dipping his toes into asset management now.  Mr. Grayson is well-known as a liberal firebrand and has continued to stay politically active after his brief tenure as a congressman.  Now, his firm The Grayson Fund Management Company is launching a hedge fund hoping to capitalize on the former congressman's business and economic expertise.
Todd Jurkowski, vice president of investor relations, told FINalternatives that Grayson’s extensive experience, both in Washington and around the world, as well as his background as an economist, gives him a unique perspective that is all too rare in the asset management world.
“Alan has a story unlike any other emerging manager,” said Jurkowski. “He knows the markets, he knows the Fed, he’s been to more than 190 countries, and in addition he has traded over $200 million from his own accounts.”
In addition to Grayson and Jurkowski, the Orlando, Fla.-based firm is aiming to bring on five more employees by year-end, and is also looking to hire a third-party marketer.  Source

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