Hedge Fund Investor Confidence

Hedge Fund Investor Confidence

Investors Still Confident in Hedge Fund Managers

Although investors are still withdrawing money from hedge funds at a modest rate, it is less than in past months. According to data from the GlobeOp Forward Redemption Indicator, September 2011 was the lowest September in the indicator's history showing that despite a very turbulent market, investor confidence in hedge funds remains largely unshaken.
"September 2011 was the lowest September since the Index began," said Hans Hufschmid, chief executive officer at London-listed GlobeOp Financial Services . "Investor sentiment continues to be positive," he said.

Investors representing 2.71 percent of GlobeOp's assets under administration requested their money back in August, reflecting a rise in redemption demand of 63 basis points against July's data.

Redemption notices hit a high of 19.27 percent in November 2008 shortly after the collapse of Lehman Brothers but since have trended lower as investors back hedge funds to help them ride out some of the most volatile stock and bond markets since 2008.

Hedge fund returns have proved a mixed bag in recent months.

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