Creating a Hedge Fund Website

Creating a Hedge Fund Website

What You Need to Know About Creating a Hedge Fund Website

What you need to know about creating a Hedge Fund Website

A website for your Hedge Fund can be your biggest asset. When created in compliance with the SEC regulations, it provides a way for investors and potential investors to view your monthly letters, historical performance, return & quantitative statistics, as well as any marketing materials that you have created. Your website can also act as a lead sourcing tool which gathers information on perspective investors while giving you the final say as to whether they are qualified or not to view your information.

While your website can be your biggest asset, not all hedge fund websites are equal, and if your website is not in compliance with the SEC regulations it can be a massive liability. Choosing the team that you work with is extremely important.

The Design Components of a Hedge Fund website

Your Hedge Fund website design is the first thing that a potential investor will see when they visit your site. This first impression is incredibly important as in many cases an investor will not even bother communicating with a fund.

When an investor is looking for a natural energy investment to balance out their portfolio, and your website design contains imagery which is associated with that strategy, you have made a connection with your investor before you have even spoken with them.

On the other hand if you are a more traditional fund, yet the website design that you have chosen is edgy and slick, you may be portraying flair and an image that your target conservative investors may not be comfortable with.

With over 10 years of experience in working directly with investors and hedge funds, the HedgeCo Website team has experience that is unmatched in the industry.

The Functionality of your Hedge Fund Website

Hedge fund investors are getting increasingly more sophisticated, both in their investment choices as well as the level of information and data they need from the hedge funds in which they have chosen to invest.

Emailing out a Quarterly Statement is no longer sufficient to retain your current investors and acquire new investors.

The HedgeCo Websites platform has been built from the ground up to provide hedge fund management with the tools which will enable them to provide investors will all the information they need to make informed choices. We have a full time, US-based programming team who specializes in developing technology solutions for hedge funds, if you are looking for specific technology, we’re would be very happy to develop a custom solution for you.

SEC Compliance the LAMP Letter

Is it legal for a hedge fund to have a website? In 1997 a firm called Lamp Technologies had this same question and received a “No Action” letter from the SEC which stated that as long as a few specific features were included in the website, they would not consider putting hedge fund specific information on the website a “Public Solicitation”.

HedgeCo Websites takes extreme care to ensure that the websites we create are 100% compliant with the LAMP Letter.

One important thing to keep in mind is that unless a security system has been thoroughly tested by industry experts it should not be considered an option. We have seen websites which the fund management believe are totally secure and password protected. While on the outside they may look secure, sometimes by doing as little as crafting a google search for fund-specific information we find that all the fund information is available to the public.

If your fund information is not 100% secure and locked down from public view you are in violation of SEC regulations and are in jeopardy of being sued by the SEC.

The HedgeCo Website team has created websites for over 600 funds. We know security like nobody else in the business.

For more information about Hedge Fund Websites, please visit or Call 561 835 8690 for a free consultation on your website.

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