Particpate in a Expert Audio Interview

Participate In a Expert Audio Interview

Want to be included in my next book or training program?  Our team is looking to interview 40 additional experts this year over the phone to create 40 audio expert interviews for the Hedge Fund Group's and G.T.C. Institute's training programs such as the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation and upcoming training program on working with family offices.

In exchange for the time it takes you to complete this interview we can offer you $97 access to one of our full day capital raising workshops which typically cost $500-$1,000 each.  We can also provide you with a free copy of the MP3 after the interview to use in your own business, with your clients, or on your own website.

These expert audio interviews with our team can be completed over the phone anonymously or while using your real name and firm name.  What we need are experienced experts with 7-10+ years of experience in one of the following areas:
  1. Family Office Investing
  2. Risk Management
  3. Hedge Fund Operations
  4. Hedge Fund Trading Best Practices
  5. Portfolio Management
  6. Hedge Fund Management (As a Fund Principal)
  7. Private Equity Fund Management (As a Fund Principal)
  8. Investment Banking
  9. Financial Analysis
  10. Family Office Management
  11. Financial Modeling
  12. Family Office Capital Raising
If you are interested please contact our expert interview coordinator on our team at  Thank you in advance for applying to complete this expert audio interview series with a member of our team. 

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