Mid-Sized Hedge Funds

Mid-Sized Hedge Funds

Mid-Sized Hedge Funds Grew the Fastest in 2010

According to a recent Citigroup survey, mid-sized hedge funds grew the fastest during 2010. Hedge funds in the "sweet spot" ranging between $1 billion and $5 billion had the greatest share of investor inflows. This undermines the belief that the biggest hedge funds enjoy the greatest flood of investor money.
A Citigroup survey of global hedge funds with more than $1bn under management shows that managers in the “sweet spot” of between $1bn and $5bn experienced the largest percentage increase in assets under management last year, at 37 per cent. Assets under management across managers in that range rose by $85bn in 2010, versus a net increase of $30bn among managers with an AUM of between $5bn and $10bn, and a net increase of $72bn for funds with more than $10bn under management.

Pension funds and sovereign wealth funds are increasing their exposure to smaller funds as the industry has matured, according to Citi.

“By getting in early, pensions and sovereign wealth funds are positioned to grow with the manager as they build towards the $10bn AUM point and above,” said Nick Roe, head of global prime finance at the US bank.

Pension funds and institutional investors had about $1,100bn in hedge funds in the first quarter of this year – close to half of all the money invested globally in hedge funds. This is against $125bn in 2002 which represented about a fifth of the hedge fund industry. Source

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