Hedge Funds Domiciliation

Hedge Funds Domiciliation

Study Finds that Hedge Funds Prefer Co-Domiciliation 

Hedge funds managers are looking to establish EU-domiciled funds to complement their offshore hedge funds, according to the latest research of hedge fund re-domiciliation trends. The majority of the hedge funds in the study appear to prefer co-domiciliation to strictly onshore or offshore. 24% of hedge funds have re-domiciled from offshore to the European Union.
Hedge funds managers are looking to create EU-domiciled hedge funds to complement their offshore funds, according to new research.
Only a quarter (24%) of hedge fund managers have already re-domiciled offshore hedge funds to an EU domicile while 27% are considering to do so in the future, according to a report by RBC Dexia Investor Services and KPMG.
Meanwhile, almost half of the 49 hedge managers surveyed had not re-domiciled any funds and had no plans to do so.
The purpose of the study, entitled Alternative options: hedge fund re-domiciliation trends in evolving markets, was to adopt a better understanding of the factors contributing to the re-domiciliation of hedge funds into the EU.
The study predicts that co-domiciliation - where hedge funds would offer both offshore and onshore options – is the best solution for hedge fund managers.  Source

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