Morgan Stanley Asian Hedge Funds

Morgan Stanley Asian Hedge Funds

Morgan Stanley Considers Funding to Asian Hedge Funds

Investment bank Morgan Stanley is in talks to boost its funding to more Asian hedge fund start-ups this year. This would represent another step into the Asian hedge fund area from Morgan Stanley, following where investors are allocating money to.  Investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms have all been working to position themselves for the massive potential gains to be had in Asia.
The New York-based bank is helping negotiate several opportunities for investors to give money to new hedge funds for a share of their fee revenue and deals in which they will provide capital to expand assets across Asia, said Hugh Abdullah, its Hong Kong-based head of capital introductions in the region. In demand are event-driven funds and equity long-short managers who bet on rising and falling stocks, he said.

“True hedge fund talent is a scarcer resource out here,” said Abdullah in an interview yesterday. “People always want to find the next winner.”

Investors added $3.6 billion of capital to Asia-focused hedge funds in the first three months, the largest quarterly inflow they have attracted since Chicago-based Hedge Fund Research Inc. started to track such data. Managers in the region are courting seeders and those who can provide so-called acceleration capital because the $88 billion Asian industry is still hovering at 79 percent of its 2007 size, even after global hedge fund assets hit a record $2.02 trillion by March, according to HFR.

Investors provide seed capital to new hedge funds typically in exchange for a share of their fee revenue and sometimes an equity stake in the business. Acceleration capital helps small managers which have been in operation for a few years to expand assets to a size that could attract institutional capital. Source

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