Pension Funds Hedge Funds

Pension Funds Hedge Funds

Pension Funds Gave $18 Billion in Hedge Funds in 1st Quarter

Pension funds injected $18 billion into the hedge fund industry in the first quarter of 2011.  This represents a multi-billion dollar endorsement from institutional investors.  According to a consultant for Pensions and Investments, institutional investment has returned to pre-2008 levels. 
Pension funds resumed their whole-hearted embrace of hedge funds in the first quarter, pouring $18 billion into the sector.
The combined total of net inflows and pending searches is the highest in four years, Pensions & Investments research shows; hedge funds took in $25 billion in institutional money in the first quarter of 2007.
"Institutional investment is back to pre-2008 levels," Stephen Nesbitt of hedge fund consultant Cliffwater told P&I.
Net institutional hedge fund activity is up 38% from the first quarter of last year, and P&I warned that its figure is likely an underestimate of total activity.  Source

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