Hedge Funds Managers 2011

Hedge Funds Managers 2011

Hedge Funds Managers Turn Optimistic About 2011

Hedge fund managers are growing more confidant on the outlook for 2011, according to a recent survey. Hedge fund managers responded to a Rothstein Kass survey that they were optimistic about new investment opportunities. Managers also expect institutional investors like pension funds to contribute more money to hedge funds.
At the same time, however, managers expect more people to chase investment dollars as institutions like pension funds are ready to add a flood of money.

"We see an optimism that is a growing theme among the survey participants," Howard Altman, Rothstein Kass' co-CEO, said in an interview. "At the same time the surge in capital from institutions and since late 2010 the emergence of seed capital is also an important theme," he added.

Rothstein Kass surveyed 313 managers on the Internet in January and will release its findings on Wednesday. Reuters obtained a draft of the report.

Three years after the worst financial crisis in recent memory, hedge funds have rebounded from 2008's deep losses and 2010's tepid returns with hopes of finding a better investing environment ahead.

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