Hedge Funds Investors Assets

Hedge Funds Investors Assets

Investors Allocating More and More Money to Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are raking in the money as the industry seeks to further woo investors. Total hedge fund assets are closing in on $2 trillion and are likely to pass their peak in 2008.  The good-will from investors has trickled down to smaller hedge funds, too. 
Total hedge-fund assets are approaching $2 trillion and are soon expected to surpass their peak in early 2008, according to industry analysts. Even start-ups and smaller funds, which were shunned by many investors in the wake of the crisis, are benefiting.

The resurrection of hedge funds, which invest money for wealthy individuals, pension funds and other large investors, marks yet another sign that the effects of the financial crisis are receding.

The industry suffered its worst year on record in 2008, with the average fund losing 19%, according to Hedge Fund Research Inc. Those losses, coupled with client withdrawals and the liquidation of some funds, cut the industry's size by roughly one-quarter.

The industry had been clawing its way back since early 2009. Hedge funds pulled in $55.5 billion in net new money in 2010, the most since 2007, according to Hedge Fund Research. Figures for this year's first quarter also are expected to be robust. Source

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