Hedge Funds Inflows February

Hedge Funds Inflows February

Hedge Funds Net $34.9 Billion Inflows in February 2011

Last month was a strong one for hedge fund capital raising as institutional investors poured billions into the industry.  Hedge funds netted $34.9 billion in inflows during the month of February.  One estimate places the hedge fund industry total assets at $1.73 trillion now. 
Managers pulled in $34.9 billion on the month, putting industry assets at $1.73 trillion — the highest level since October 2008, in the midst of the global financial crisis, the firms added.
Hedge funds suffered record losses and investor redemptions in 2008, but the industry has clawed its way back, generating steady gains since then.
Institutional investors, especially public pension funds, have been allocating more money to hedge funds because the 2008 crisis left them with huge losses from equity markets and real-estate bets.
While they don’t always manage it, hedge funds try to generate gains no matter what’s happening in securities markets — something known as absolute returns. Source

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