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New Hedge Funds Investing in High-End Watches

Hedge funds are famous for investing in very niche markets.  One such niche market is that of high-end watches.  A few hedge funds are now dedicated to investing in watches, such as Precious Time.
The funny thing is, the fund has only raised enough money to buy about 4 of the world's most expensive watches.
And those are the watches commanding the really high prices year after year. The rare Patek Philippes, the watches owned by famous people, etc.
But it's tiny right now. “By early March, we had raised €6 million for the first quotation and are looking to grow about €100 million to €250 million,” Ms. Mascherin told the Wall Street Journal. “Our objective is to generate 15 percent returns per year in the next few years,” she added.
Composition of the fund:
70% vintage,  30% modern
80% complications, 20% simple mechanicals
50% in Patek Philippe, 30%t in other top brands, like Breguet, Rolex,
Audemars Piguet, Lange & Söhne, Vacheron Constantin and Cartier
50% gold, 35% steel, and 15% platinum 

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