Metals and Energy

Metals and Energy

Hedge Funds Succeed Investing in Precious Metals and Energy

Hedge fund strategies focusing on precious metals and energy have fared the best so far in 2011. Investors have primarily favored commodity and corporate bond strategies.
” The on-going conflicts in the Middle East and the  debt crisis in Europe have resulted in precious metals and energy price rebounds past prior peaks while U.S. equities have surpassed beginning month’s highs  as  well,” reports in its Monthly Performance Report for February, 2011.
Investors poured money into commodity strategies, corporate  bond  strategies,  and Asia focused funds.  While  this  shows confidence of big  money in these areas, it is quite late in the game to be betting on commodities,  high yield bonds or  the emerging markets of Asia, especially when leverage is being used.
While gold and silver are close to their peaks, it is true that crude oil is still selling at a 30-40% discount from its peak in 2008. Energy sector hedge fund  strategies  rose by 2.64% in February, which annualized is an impressive figure of over 30%.  Source

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