Hedge Funds SEC Database

Hedge Funds SEC Database

One Third of Billion-Dollar Hedge Funds Need to Register

Almost a third of the hedge funds managing more than a billion dollars still have to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Of the 220 hedge funds managing above $1 billion, 66 hedge funds still have to register with the SEC's database.
The firms that have yet to be registered include well-established names: Billionaire George Soros' $27.9 billion Soros Fund Management; Brian Higgins and Francis Biondi's $20 billion King Street Capital Management; Steve Cohen's $13 billion SAC Capital Advisors and Andreas Holvorsen's $12.3 billion Viking Global investors.

The funds all declined to comment.

Those that haven't registered also include Shumway Capital Partners and Level Global Investors LP, which have recently returned money to investors. These managers, which are investing only money from their staff and themselves, are likely to be viewed as family offices and be exempted from registration.

With nearly four months to go before the deadline, some firms are delaying until the last minute to sign up. However, consultancy firm National Regulatory Services said some managers are still hoping against hope to stay below the radar and avoid the need to register.  Source

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