Hedge Fund Training Manual Reviews

Hedge Fund Training Manual

Even though I have now sold 1,000's of copies of my Hedge Fund Training Manual Book published by Wiley last year there are only 13 reviews posted on Amazon.com.

If you have not purchased a copy yet please pick one up here.

Thank You Gift for Amazon.com Reviews : If you have purchased a copy of the book and have not left a review yet please do. If you leave a review for this book and then send me an email at richard@hedgefundgroup.org showing me that you have left me a review on Amazon.com I will send you the next book I publish on Speed of Implementation for free as a thank you gift (please leave an honest review of the book).  This new book coming out on speed is taken directly from the content that I present during our live hedge fund workshops that we offer.

To learn more about the book please click here to read the overview page or click here to view more information on the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program which includes this book as required reading.

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