Hedge Funds IT Secrets

Hedge Funds IT Secrets

5 Information Technology Secrets of Successful Hedge Funds

Finalternatives has published an interesting article on information technology providers and hedge funds. The article, the 5 IT Secrets of Successful Hedge Funds, explains how top hedge funds have incorporated technology to complement their hedge fund strategies.
1. They treat their IT provider as a partner. Your IT provider should understand your business so well that he or she can anticipate problems—what the business community likes to call “being pro-active.”

2. They kick their own tires. For years, the big banking institutions have set the technology standard and defined the “institutional class” benchmark against which all other financial services companies are measured.

3. They know IT is the lingua franca of all information divisions. New managers, especially, look at technology from their own perspective, i.e., how can technology make me a better stock, currency, bond or high frequency trader?

4. They realize ignorance is not bliss. The best hedge fund managers have a clear picture of their IT architecture.

5. They insist on documenting the process. Investors (and the SEC in years ahead) want to know the what, why and how of hedge funds’ procedures to reduce operational risks.  Source

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