Hedge Fund Managers January

 Hedge Fund Managers January

Top Hedge Fund Managers See Mixed Returns in 2011

It's only the second month of 2011, but so far the stars of the hedge fund industry have produced mixed results. While Kenneth Griffin's biggest funds produced solid gains, William Ackman's Pershing Square International reportedly suffered some losses and top manager John Paulson's gold fund took heavy losses to start the year.
Kenneth Griffin's flagship funds at Citadel scored strong gains, but William Ackman's Pershing Square International nursed losses, according to people familiar with their portfolios.

The month's biggest loser by far appears to be the industry's richest manager -- John Paulson.

Paulson's gold fund, launched a year ago to invest exclusively in gold and gold mining stocks, dropped 12 percent when the shiny metal lost ground last month, said a person familiar with the fund's performance, who was not allowed to speak about it publicly.

Paulson's reversal comes after the roughly $1 billion gold fund surged 35 percent in 2010. Paulson's Paulson & Co oversees about $36 billion and ranks as one of the industry's biggest hedge funds.

Hedge fund managers often try to keep their returns secret, but there is great interest in how some of the industry's biggest stars perform to discern trends in the $1.92 trillion industry. Source

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