Survey of Institutional Investors

Survey of Institutional Investors

SEI Releases Fourth Annual Survey of Institutional Investors

SEI Global Services has released its fourth annual survey of institutional investors.  The survey found that investors increasingly see transparency as one of the biggest challenges to hedge fund investing, tied with meeting performance challenges.  

This survey confirms what many industry observers were arguing during the regulation debate, that greater transparency is desired by investors (almost 70%).  The report shows indicates a need for hedge fund managers to enhance their risk management infrastructure and risk reporting, and institutionalize transparency policies to attract new capital, satisfy anxious investors, and protect their reputations.
Investors have modified their expectations to combat performance challenges. In fact, meeting performance challenges tied with transparency as the greatest challenge in hedge fund investing.

Concerns about the level of disclosure have intensified. Nearly 70% of investors name a lack of transparency as their biggest worry.

Investors and consultants overwhelmingly expect hedge funds institutional business to grow.  
Download the executive summary (PDF)

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