Curtis Freeze Hedge Fund

Curtis Freeze Hedge Fund

Curtis Freeze's Hedge Fund Posted 210% Return in 2010

Curtis Freeze's Japanese Shareholders' Consensus hedge fund produced very impressive returns in 2010, but only after a terrible 2009. The Japanese Shareholders' Consensus hedge fund returned an amazing 210% last year after falling 82% in 2009. The fund had the second best returns of all hedge funds last year, a remarkable comeback for Curtis Freeze.
The Shareholders' Consensus Fund, with assets of $15 million, trounced the average Japan hedge fund's 8.3 percent return and notched the second-best return of all hedge funds worldwide last year, according to Eurekahedge, a Singapore-based researcher that tracks 6,734 funds.
The top performer was Precision FX, a currency fund that returned 221 percent. Freeze hopes his success in 2010 helps him attract $85 million in additional investments over the next 18 months. "A near-death experience" is how he describes his losses. "Having rebuilt our track record," he says, "now we're ready to start marketing again."

A native New Yorker, Freeze, 48, arrived in Japan 30 years ago as a Mormon missionary. He began his investment career at Nikko Securities (now Nikko Cordial Securities) in 1988, just before Japan's bubble economy burst, and worked at two other financial firms before setting up Prospect Asset Management in 1994. source

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