10 Hedge Funds Apple

10 Hedge Funds Apple

Ten Hedge Funds Hammered By Decline of Apple Shares

Many hedge funds have been stung by the sharp decline in Apple shares after the announcement that CEO Steve Jobs will take a medical leave. Shares of apple have fallen several percentage points since the news. Several large hedge funds own significant shares of Apple.  Market Folly has put together a list of "10 Huge Hedge Funds That Are Getting Whacked by Apple Today."  Here are the first 5:
  1. Stephen Mandel's Lone Pine Capital: Apple: Owns 0.29% of AAPL (2,707,106 shares; ~$768 million)
  2. D.E. Shaw Investment Management: Apple: Owns 0.26% of AAPL (~2.39 million shares; ~$680 million)
  3. Renaissance Technologies: Apple: 0.21% of AAPL (1.96 million shares; ~$950 million)
  4. Shumway Capital Partners: Apple: Owns 0.2% of AAPL (~1.8 million shares; ~$412 million)
  5. Discovery Capital Management: Apple: Owns 0.17% of AAPL (1.5 million shares; ~$496 million) 

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