Hedge Funds European Equities

Hedge Funds European Equities

Hedge Funds Bought High Volume of Euro Equities in Nov.

UBS has released a report suggesting a trend in the hedge fund industry that could be a boon to equities. According to the Swiss bank, hedge funds bought European equities last month at a pace not matched in the last five years.
UBS, which based its findings on the trading patterns of its clients, saw the highest rate of buying in energy stocks, as oil prices soared above $90 a barrel.

What is striking, construction, among the worst performing sector this year, also experienced huge inflows. But chemicals stocks, which attracted money all year, saw cash flows turn negative.

The UBS data offers a window into the movement of one of the most important players in the market, lightly-regulated investment pools that use copious amounts of debt to amplify the power of their purchases. Though the data lags, the report can often coincide with big moves in the stock market and can signal significant changes in market momentum.

UBS said the purchases of stocks by hedge funds came amid a sharp slowdown in flows of money into United States fixed-income instruments. Money flowing into investment-grade debt has fallen into its lowest level since March 2009, and high-yield bonds are seeing their first outflow since June. Source

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