Hedge Funds Emerging Markets Gold

Hedge Funds Emerging Markets Gold

Hedge Funds Make Gains Off Emerging Markets & Gold

Trading in metals--especially gold--helped produce better returns for hedge funds in 2010. Investing in emerging markets also helped salvage many hedge funds' portfolios from the turmoil in the stock markets.  Gold and emerging markets have allowed hedge funds to make enough gains to drive more investors to the industry. 
After two years of client withdrawals and pressure from regulators, hedge funds returned strong performances this year, fuelled by successful bets on metals and emerging markets.

The hedge fund industry, heavily criticised for gambling on the collapse of some banks in 2008, will end up the year with $2.4tn (£1.54tn) of assets under management, after adding a net $79.5bn during the past 11 months, according to HFN, a trade publication.

Insurance companies, pension funds and other institutional investors are again pouring money into the secretive industry, which is mostly based in London and New York. Source

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