Hedge Funds Charity Event

Hedge Funds Charity Event

Smaller Hedge Funds Get a Chance to Give Back

For several years hedge funds only had one charity event to give back to those less fortunate, the annual Ark fund raiser. This event was exclusively targeted to titans of the industry who could afford the cost of the event but now smaller hedge funds have the annual London gala for Hedge Funds Care with a less expensive price but still a chance to raise money.
Hedge fund up-and-comers that want to give back — but not as much as the industry titans — will have their chance Thursday night at the fifth annual London gala for Hedge Funds Care.
For years, there was only one hedge fund charity event in London: the annual Ark fund-raiser held every spring that attracted the industry’s glitterati. Spearheaded by Archie Busson, the on-again, off-again boyfriend of Uma Thurman, the Ark gala was London’s answer to New York’s famous Robin Hood fund-raiser.
But in recent years another hedge fund charity — an offshoot of the American organization Hedge Funds Care — has been gaining steam.
It operates affordable hedge fund affairs. Ticket prices for Hedge Funds Care are £750 or nearly $1,200 apiece.  Source

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