Hedge Fund Managers Predictions

Hedge Fund Managers Predictions

Hedge Fund Managers Offer Their Predictions for 2011

As it is New Year's Eve, we'll continue with Finalternatives' feature where hedge fund managers place their predictions for the new year. Managers from Liongate Capital Management, FPP Asset Management, and Agecroft Partners weigh in on what the future holds for the hedge fund industry.
Here, is the third installment of responses from hedge fund industry experts, with more to come in the following days.

Jeff Holland, Managing Director, Liongate Capital Management

“Just as with 2010, 2011 will require an adaptive approach to capital investment. There are recent signs of optimism: ISM, retail and employment data have all picked up. Growing markets (it is time to do away with the phrase ‘emerging markets’) are proving resilient, driving global growth. These are though paired with some significant uncertainties. Sovereign debt problems (most notably in Europe) and fiscal austerity measures hang over developed markets. Inflation in growing markets and the sustainability of capital inflows are also causes for concern.  In capital markets, there are opportunities nevertheless. Developed equity markets, particularly the U.S., look attractively valued, and with corporates holding some $2.5 trillion, deployment of these cash holdings will likely prove supportive. Commodity fundamentals are strong and global liquidity continues to provide opportunities for those who can exploit them. Precious metals are likely to continue to benefit from macro uncertainty and competitive currency devaluation pressures. Source

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