2010 Hedge Fund Jingle Ball

2010 Hedge Fund Jingle Ball

Hedge Funds Give Back at 2010 Hedge Fund Jingle Ball

Professionals from the hedge fund industry gathered in a Manhattan pub for the 2010 Hedge Fund Jingle Ball.  But the attendees weren't there just to eat pizza and drink beer and wine; the event was a fundraiser for a nonprofit, R Baby Foundation, which works to improving pediatric emergency room care.
The sounds of Michael Jackson pulsated through the underground bar at the Covet Lounge in Midtown Manhattan on Monday evening for the 2010 Hedge Fund Jingle Ball.
Some hedge fund colleagues clutched cocktails, while others sipped beer or wine. For dinner? Not mini crab cakes, risotto balls or the requisite finger foods of such events. Guests grabbed slices of pizza and handfuls of fries.
Curious culinary disconnect aside, the event had a serious purpose. It was a benefit for the R Baby Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving pediatric emergency care that was founded by Marathon Asset Management’s chief operating officer, Andrew Rabinowitz, and his wife, Phyllis.  Source

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