Hedge Funds UK Jobs

Hedge Funds UK Jobs

Hedge Funds Cutting Back Jobs in UK Outposts

Hedge funds are cutting senior staff jobs in outposts overseas.  According to Financial News, from the beginning of this year through to September, the number of senior staff at large and medium hedge funds fell from 1288 to 979.
The average hedge fund isn't down right now; performance for the year for the industry is pegged at 4.69%. But a year earlier, hedge funds were up close to 20%
Less-than-stellar returns have no doubt prompted funds to start shuffling their decks, cutting back where necessary. According to research firm Imas, 47% of managers based outside the U.K. have laid off staff based in the country.
"Overseas companies are under the same competitive pressure and it is easier to cut back foreign activities than do so closer to home," Olly Laughton-Scott, a managing partner at Imas, told Financial News.  Source

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