Hedge Funds China Investors

Hedge Funds China Investors

AIMA: Chinese Investors to Increase Capital to Hedge Funds

Hedge funds can expect to lure more and more capital from Chinese institutional investors according to the head of the Hong Kong and China chapter of a major alternative investing trade union. Christophe Lee, who chairs the Alternative Investment Management Association’s Hong Kong and China chapter, has said that Chinese investors have invested minimal amounts in hedge funds but that his organization is working to reverse this trend and ease the often complicated process.
“Over time, China will invest more overseas,” Christophe Lee, chairman of the Alternative Investment Management Association’s Hong Kong and China chapter. “In their overseas investments, we hope they will consider hedge funds as one of their components.”

AIMA introduced a Chinese translation of its global hedge fund guide for institutional investors this month. The Chinese version of “AIMA’s Roadmap to Hedge Funds,” which includes information about the industry’s performance and strategies, aims to help regulators and investors understand the funds and dispel misconceptions about the industry.

“We want to work with them overtime,” Lee said. “It’s not an imminent thing.”

The amount of money that Chinese institutions have put into hedge funds is currently “minimal” because of overseas investment restrictions, Lee said in an interview in Singapore on Nov. 26. Source

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