Activist Hedge Fund Investing

Activist Hedge Fund Investing

Activist Investing Leads to Profits for  in Oct.

Activist investing paid big for a couple of hedge funds in the month of October.  Last month, two hedge funds, Pershing Square Capital Management and Third Point, made gains of more than 5% off activist trading.
Third Point Partners rose 5.5% in October, while its Offshore fund added 5%. The former is now up an impressive 30.7% this year, while the latter is up 25.2%.
Third Point's other funds, Partners Qualified and Ultra, are no slouches, either, rising 4.7% and 6.2%, respectively, on the month, and 24.4% and 27.5%, respectively, on the year.
Pershing Square investors will have to make do with more modest returns at the firm's flagship International fund. William Ackman's fund added 4.9% before fees last month and is up 10.6% after fees for the year.  Source

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